Hi I’m Sami!

(the photographer here)

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania always having a strong love for the arts.   I quickly found a passion for photography when starting my college career.  I have explored new techniques and ideas throughout school until I found what best suited me as an artist and as a person.  I create delicate arrangements that display the strengths of a product as well as photographing people to showcase their genuine beauty.

My goal is to capture some of the most unexpected moments of life.  The true joy and beauty that each person carries is something that I wish to portray in my photographs.  Each session is designed to grasp the uniqueness of you.

Now that you’ve gotten through all of the boring about me stuff, let’s get to what you really want to know.

What is my goal as a photographer?

During our time together, my goal is to best represent you!  You have a story and so should your photographs.  I want to be able to learn the little things about you that make you your wonderful unique self.

Why photography?

Like I mentioned earlier, I have always been in love with the arts.  Pretty much any form.  You need something made? Challenge accepted.  The arts are what make me happy and fuel me as a creative.  I got a small pink camera after high school that I would take everyone’s picture with.  I was always the girl with the camera who could take anyones new Facebook profile picture.  I then realized how awesome it was to be behind a lens so thats when I got my first real camera.  Still to this day, taking my friends Instagram photos but this time I can say they are a bit more clear and well composed.

So who am I really?

Well to sum it up, I am a creative person very passionate about seeing other people happy. Really! I am driven by helping other people do what they’re most passionate about. I am just a girl living on faith, adventure, freedom and my regular toffee nut iced coffee.

Anything else?

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